Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barbie isn't a Bitch

Barbie - Bratz Showdown

When did Bratz start trying to step in and replace Barbie as top doll?!

Yes, I see the complaint that Barbie is "too perfect." She is thin with blonde hair and erm big boobs (there is just no polite way to say it). However, I think parents have done Barbie an injustice. They *gasp* judged Barbie by her appearance.

Barbie is awesome. She is pretty, well-liked by her peers, and constantly following her dreams. Barbie is always clean cut and conservatively dressed. Barbie must be a good friend since she has so many. She isn't prejudiced. All of her friends look different. Barbie is a one man woman. Her boyfriend Ken is an upstanding guy and always by her side. Barbie is also also well educated. She has been a teacher, a doctor, a veterinarian, etc.

Then along came the alleged savior of children from Barbie's crappy example... Bratz dolls.

But alas, the Bratz are far worse. I mean look at this piece of trailer trash. She looks like Sandy from Greese. She's wearing a freaking cat suit. They all have strangely disproportionate heads, big lips (not unlike Angelina Jolie's freak show), excessive makeup, and revealing clothing. There are several Bratz dolls: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin. Unfortunately, they were all given stripper names.... On the plus side, they are all of different races. Other than that, they have the exact same body type.
Barbie Pros:
Boy Dolls
Different Races and Appearances (since 1968)
Appropriate clothing

Barbie Cons:
One body type
Main doll is stereotypical beauty
Possibly materialistic (she has a lot of clothing/houses/shoes)

Bratz Pros:
Different Races

Bratz Cons:
Excessive Makeup
Racy Clothes

Interesting Facts:
The American Psychological Association has expressed concern over Bratz oversexualization and its impact on children.

"On December 21, 2006, the National Labor Committee announced that the factory workers in China, who make Bratz dolls, labor for 94½ hours a week, while the factory pays only $0.515 an hour, $4.13 a day. The per doll amount is $0.17. The retail price for a single doll ranges between $9.99 to $22.99, depending on the included items and specific retailer." -- Wikipedia

In 2005 figures showed that sales of Barbie dolls had fallen by 30% in the United States, and by 18% worldwide, with much of the drop being attributed to the popularity of Bratz dolls. -- Wikipedia

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